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The Benefits of Installing a Fence: Why You Should Invest Today.

This topic has been on your mind for a while. You’ve gone back and forth but can’t bring yourself to make a final decision. You may even have lost sleep over it. After all, every potential investment weighs heavily on your mind as a homeowner or business owner.

So–is it worth investing in a fence installation?

Your current fence isn’t what you want. Yet, you’re unsure if you can make room for installing a fence in your budget.

Spoiler alert: installing a fence will be one of the best investments you will ever make for your home or business (as long as it’s a high-quality fence). A fence installation will improve your property values, quality of life, and general enjoyment of your home or business.

Below, we’ll delve into why it’s time to stop going back and forth about your fence installation investment–and why it’s time to invest in a new fence today!

Say Goodbye to Your Old, Failing Fence Once and For All.

What holds back homeowners and business owners most when investing in a new fence?

In our experience at All Island Fence, the human inclination to clasp tightly to what’s familiar is the primary culprit.

We’ll veer away from fences and briefly discuss automobiles to make a point. 

Think about the cars we hold onto for too long. A vehicle’s performance will often steadily decline to the point where mounting repairs cost more than a replacement.

Yet, it (mistakenly) seems like less of a hassle to hold onto the old car we know–because we’re used to it. It’s tough to say if it’s due to sentimentality or wanting to avoid the hassles (e.g., research and testing out cars) of investing in something new.

Then, when we finally move on and buy the new car, we often wonder why it took so long. The investment improved our life, even though we put it off for ages. 

Fences are similar. Sure–the wood could rot and warp. Or the iron could be rusted. Yet the thought of moving onto something different keeps us from moving on and investing in something new.

Is it the cost that holds people back from installing a fence? Or is it our concern about the hassles involved with fence installation?

It could be both. It could also be neither. Everybody has their own unique hurdles to manage.

While these mitigating factors are understandable, they must be overcome. Once you commit to installing a fence and see the final product, you’ll wonder why you waited for so long. This notion rings doubly true if you invest in an All Island Fence.

When Is It Time to Replace Instead of Repair?

When Is It Time To Replace Instead Of Repair?

With fencing, the question of “repair or replace” doesn’t always have a cut-and-dry answer. Undoubtedly, there are scenarios where a repair might make the most sense. You may like–or even love–your current fencing–but it was damaged. Breaks and blemishes could’ve happened due to a storm or at the hands of mischievous vandals. 

It’s one thing for a fence to be damaged on rare occasions. In this instance, quality doesn’t necessarily come into question. The elements can be unpredictable; even the most robust materials can take some dings.

Issues arise when repairs are constant. One problem after another will occur when your fence consists of lower-grade materials. Storms of even moderate severity can cause snafus. Also, animals, insects, and plants can have a field day with these less-than-robust products. 

Wood fences constantly crack when they’re treated improperly or installed poorly. Moreover, due to board, post, and general fence-related damage, low-quality wood fences will buckle when exposed to moisture and wildlife. 

Additionally, lower-grade wood fencing options are highly susceptible to splintering and warping.

Really, the maintenance never ends with low-grade fencing. The issue exacerbates as the amount of required fencing increases. So, the bigger your property, the more pressing it is to invest in a high-quality fence installation.

Undoubtedly, even the best Wood Fences on the market require reasonable levels of maintenance. All the same, higher-quality wood fencing will call for less legwork than inferior-quality fencing. Plus, a high-quality wood fence will last longer than its ill-constructed counterpart. 

If you want to sidestep maintenance entirely, we should mention that you don’t need to invest in a wood fence. 

All Island Fence has many fence installation options that are highly durable and aesthetically appealing while requiring little-to-no maintenance–such as our Rockwall Vinyl and PVC products.

A Longer Lasting Fence = Cost Savings.

A Longer Lasting Fence = Cost Savings

Upfront costs can be a deterrent for homeowners and business owners. You’re already dealing with enough financial concerns to want to complicate things any further. 

Homeowners must focus on their mortgage, utilities, insurance, and a list of expenses we couldn’t fit on this page. It’s not much different for business owners, who must add employee salaries to their list of mounting financial responsibilities.

So, yes–we understand and empathize with your hesitancy when paying for a new fence installation. 

Still, we’d like to counterpoint–and alleviate–your concerns.

Installing a fence does come with an upfront cost–but think about the big picture.

Imagine you hold onto your old fence and keep pouring time and money into repairs and arduous maintenance. Inevitably, you’ll have to pay for a replacement after keeping your old fence for far too long. 

On top of the money you lost on repairs, you’re still on the hook for the replacement. By trying to pay less, you’ve ended up paying more. 

Conversely, you can move on from your old fence today and have a fence you can rely on for multiple decades. You won’t need to pay for repairs outside of extenuating circumstances, nor will you have to shell out a replacement. Your fence will just be there, reliable as ever, meeting your needs, whether security-based, privacy-oriented, or aesthetically influenced. 

Last but not least, a new fence will increase your property value. As such, your new fence installation could net you a profit.

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune on a High-Quality Fence Installation.

The upfront costs for a high-quality fence don’t need to break the bank. 

We’re true believers in spending a bit more now to save later. The key phrase in the previous sentence is a “bit more.” In other words, you don’t need to spend a lot more on high-quality fencing. 

These are challenging times, and being careful with your spending makes sense. Fortunately, a strategically sound investment won’t put you in a financially precarious position.

Installing a fence can be highly affordable upfront–even for high-quality products.

One example is our Chain Link Fences at All Island Fence. 

Our fence installation services are second-to-none in New York, offering the utmost value for dollars spent. Plus, our chain link fences provide similar features to our wood picket, PVC, and other solid fences at a reduced price. 

Galvanized wire with a unique vinyl coating for optimal weather resilience bolsters the quality of our chain link fences. Furthermore, our chain link fences require no maintenance–you won’t have to spend money on staining or treating them. 

A chain link fence doesn’t quite offer the same aesthetic benefits as some of our other options. Yet, many advancements have been made over the years to improve the visual qualities of these fencing products. 

For instance, All Island’s chain link fences’ vinyl coating is available in green, white, brown, and–the most popular option–black. Thus, you can add a touch of your aesthetic flair to our chain link fences. It’s a new, exciting visual wrinkle to a fence type that hasn’t always been associated with eye-pleasing design. 

Want to Save More? DIY is Always an Option at All Island Fence.

Maximizing your fencing investment requires looking at your fence installation project from all angles.

Look no further than the installation process. Then, ask yourself whether you’re capable of doing the project yourself.

All Island’s team of experts will happily and efficiently install your fence. Moreover, we’ll do so at a price that makes sense, saving you from the headache of doing it yourself. 

That said, will doing fence installation yourself actually be a headache? 

Or, are you relatively handy and capable with a tool belt?

If you are handy, you can save money by DIYing your fence installation, bolstering the return on your fencing investment since you don’t have to pay for the labor required for installing a fence. 

All Island 100% endorses and supports those who wish to DIY their fence installation. That’s why we help do-it-yourselfers with fence layouts and designs. We do everything to ensure the experience is affordable and seamless, yielding impressive results. 

Optimize Your Fence Installation Investment With All Island Fence & Railing.

Optimize Your Fence Installation Investment With All Island Fence & Railing.

Getting the most from your fence installation investment requires more than buying a new fence and letting things play out.

Like any investment, due diligence (e.g., market research and number crunching) is necessary. Also, you must be sure you’re purchasing and installing a fence from a company you can trust–like All Island Fence & Railing.

We put our customers’ needs first, guiding them to the fence that makes the most sense for their home or business. Contact us today to learn more about what All Island can do to optimize your fence installation investment. 

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