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January Charity 2023

During the month of January, All Island Fence & Railing will be hosting a blood drive on behalf of the New York Blood Center.  Please register today and help save lives. All Island Fence & Railing is hoping to help those in need of blood donations in New York and the Long Island area.

New York Blood Center (NYBC) is one of the largest independent, community-based, nonprofit blood centers in the United States. Blood donations are NYBCe’s primary focus because it saves lives! If you are unable to give blood, you can still support the organization by making a financial donation.

Blood is the lifeline of our body. 40,000 pints are transfused each day in the United States to save the lives of cancer patients, accident, burn, and trauma victims, newborn babies, mothers delivering babies, transplant patients, surgery patients, and others in need. 4.5 million Americans receive blood transfusions each year. 

All Island Fence & Railing needs your help! The date of the drive will be the end of January, or early February depending on the availability of New York Blood Center volunteers. The Long Island fence company needs to get at least 50 donors to register. Several staff members have committed to the cause and are hoping to get at least 100 people to donate blood to help save lives!

Location: 1320 Motor Pkwy, Islandia, NY 11749

Register to donate and help save lives: HERE

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