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Every Wednesday is “Give Peace a Chance Day”!


Every Wednesday is “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE DAY”

We truly do appreciate your time viewing our web-site.  Although we would like for you to purchase a fence and/or railing project through us, at this time we would like to institute a tradition for everyone.  And that is the concept of  “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE DAY“ every Wednesday, all year-round try to avoid any anger, ill will, loss of temper or  rage. Consciously help your fellow person in an inspiring way (that helps both you and them). 

Please try this and it may become habit forming and if enough people do this, we could possibly change the world. It is easy to be nasty, but it takes work to be helpful, please try to put the effort in, and with enough people we promise it will make a tremendous difference. We, the owners of this company have experienced both hard times and success. Success that has only come from a group effort.  It all starts with the help of one person at a time, each person contributing their part. Again, we promise the world will be a better place. 

We truly say God bless America, and God bless the planet earth. Please EVERY Wednesday give all your effort to “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE”. 

Thank you sincerely, 

All Island Fence and Railings

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