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Your 2023 Fence Guide: What Fence is Best For Your Property?

Did you know the average cost of a Long Island home is currently $580,000? 

Also, industrial properties in the area cost an average of $534 per square foot.

To call these significant investments would be an understatement. Given the money you’ve poured into your home or business, you want to generate the most substantial return.

Returns aren’t necessarily financial–although they often are. They can also include your quality of life, peace of mind, and overall enjoyment/pleasure.

Homeowners and business owners must weigh the different types of returns when optimizing their property. 

Yes–real estate values should be top of mind. Knowing you can sell your property at a premium offers security and stability to help you breathe easier and sleep soundly. Still, there’s the matter of investing in features for your home and business that reflects your identity, personality, wants, and needs.

The above sentiments are reflected in the fence installation process. You want a fence that adds value to your home. Yet, you also want something that suits your aesthetic and meets your everyday needs (e.g., privacy and security). Plus, your choice of fence installation must fit into your budget. 

These many factors can complicate selecting the best fence for your property. Fortunately, All Island Fence & Railing understands and appreciates the complexities of choosing your ideal fencing. So, we’re providing a handy guide to help you navigate the fence installation and purchasing process. 

Wood Fence Installation

All Island Fence Company offers numerous cedar and spruce Wood Fence installation services for homes and businesses across Long Island’s Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Our fence installation company also makes our services available throughout Queens. 

Cedar Fences:

Cedar won’t warp throughout its lifetime, staying straight because it is one of the most stable woods available. 

Options for a cedar fence installation are versatile–you have several panels to choose from. Namely, your panels can be picket fencing, sem-privacy, or full-privacy.

A cedar wood fence installation offers a more rustic look, blending seamlessly with natural landscapes. Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens homeowners and business owners love adding these more natural vibes to their properties. 

Note that maintenance is required for your cedar wood fencing. As your go-to expert fence installation company, we suggest treating/staining your cedar fencing once annually to optimize its lifespan. 

Do you want to incorporate a specific design or style into your cedar fence installation? 

Bring up your ideas to one of our expert fence installers, and they can add customizations. We’ll help make your fence installation one-of-a-kind, adding that extra bit of personality to your home or business. 

Spruce Stockade Fences:

Wood comes in many shapes and forms. This is why the All Island Fence installation company also offers spruce stockades as another wood fence option to our residential and commercial customers.

Spruce stockade is made from untreated spruce lumber. It’s a highly economical privacy fence that–if maintained properly–can last for years with minimal degradation. That said, spruce’s strength, versatility, and longevity doesn’t quite match cedar. Nonetheless, this budget-friendly fence still offers heightened quality and reliability. 

Want to learn more about our wood fences? Browse our gallery of wood fences to get a good idea of what we can offer your home or business.

Pros of Wood Fencing:

Wood fencing bolsters the aesthetic of almost any setting. The natural, classic style is timelessly appealing and can foster a cozier, welcoming atmosphere in your home or business. 

A wood fence installation is highly customizable, from colors and stains to knots and grains. 

Additionally, a wood fence installation can increase privacy (with full or semi-privacy panels) in your home or business. It’s also often more affordable than other fencing options on the market.

Despite wood fencing necessitating the cutting down of trees, it’s more eco-friendly than other options. The production process limits carbon emissions, and the materials are organic/biodegradable.

Lastly, you’ll add significant curb appeal to your property with well-maintained wood fencing. Therefore, an eager list of potential buyers will be knocking at your door when you decide to sell. 

Cons of Wood Fencing:

Wood is susceptible to decomposition since it’s organic. This is why it’s so crucial to treat your wood every year.

Humid environments and decomposing wood can be the prime ingredients for dry rot and fungus. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, drying wood can crack and fade.

Low-quality wood is likely to twist and warp. Thus, purchasing wood fencing from a reliable fence installation company like All Island Fence is crucial. 

Another consideration is your willingness to keep up with maintenance. Only some people are keen on performing the necessary tasks (or paying someone else to perform them). If maintenance isn’t up your alley, a wood fence installation might not make sense for you.

While wood fencing undoubtedly offers aesthetic advantages, it typically lasts around twenty years. This is far less of a lifespan than options like aluminum or vinyl, for instance.

We’ll note again that maintenance will ensure you extend your wood fence’s lifespan. Unfortunately, this will take more effort than fencing constructed with more enduring materials.

PVC Fence Installation.


All Island Fence sources our PVC Fencing products from the best suppliers and manufacturers around. 

For example, the Illusions Vinyl Fence is manufactured by a company on Long Island that’s been making and distributing fence products for four decades. They use state-of-the-art facilities to develop superior fencing options for the local community.

Our PVC fences typically feature the same look and feel on either side of the fence. This is called the “good neighbor” design. 

A PVC fence installation from All Island is available with the following designs:

  • Semi-privacy panels.
  • Privacy panels.
  • Picket fencing.

Our PVC fences can be purchased in beige, gray, white, and adobe. Or, you can mix and match colors, customizing your fence style to your preference.

Something else to note about our PVC fences is that they’re maintenance-free. They don’t need to be treated. You can simply purchase the fence and not worry about much else.

The PVC panels at the All Island Fence installation company are interlocking. This means the fence panels aren’t equipped with any hardware. Also, each panel is reinforced with a steel bottom rail.

Typically, the fence styles come in either 3’, 4’, 5’, or 6’ high x 8’ wide. You can order styles with special heights (i.e., 8’-10’-12’ high). However, available measurements will depend on your location. Nassau and Suffolk counties have varying town regulations.

Pros of PVC Fencing:

PVC’s sturdiness stands above and beyond most fences’ capabilities. Vinyl can withstand any climate without expanding or contracting, as it only responds to extreme heat or cold. 

For example, PVC will only melt at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, PVC fences are resistant to fire. The material is also waterproof and won’t respond adversely to moisture exposure.

Chain link fences and wood fences indeed have their advantages (which have been discussed or will be discussed). Still, chain link fences rust, and wood fences warp over time. Conversely, PVC stands the test of time without staining or treatment. 

The durable PVC material can also resist termites, carpenter ants, and other pests.

Another significant advantage of a PVC fencing installation is versatility. PVC fencing can offer full privacy. Or, it can be designed as a picket fence that looks like natural wood. 

Moreover, a PVC fence can emulate the appearance of an ornate iron fence. It’s possible to enjoy the elegance and sophistication of such a design without fretting over rust.

Say you want your fence to have a more natural wood look. PVC fences can be designed to provide this aesthetic, offering rustic textured designs. Knots can be added to PVC fencing without hampering durability (unlike wood).

The lifespan of PVC fences is almost unparalleled. They last for decades, with you barely having to lift a finger.  

Minimal maintenance work might be necessary from time to time with PVC fences. One example is how a white PVC fence can develop mold, mildew, and algae stains over time. Fortunately, these are only surface-level blemishes that can be remedied with a sponge, soapy water, and a hose for rinsing. 

Lastly, PVC fencing optimizes safety.

Wood fences have splinters, while metal fencing can get incredibly hot during summer. PVC isn’t susceptible to these issues, keeping you, your family, or your customers safe. 

Cons of PVC Fencing:

Plenty of customization options exist for a PVC fence installation. Still, fewer customizations are available than with other, less cost-friendly options. Once the design and color are molded, they can’t be changed. Therefore, you’re unable to paint your fence a new color or stain it if you want to add a new wrinkle to your PVC fencing in the future. 

PVC fencing is undoubtedly one of the more long-term cost-efficient options. That said, upfront costs are often more expensive than wood or aluminum.

Color degradation is one problem PVC fence owners encounter over time. This is mainly an issue with lower-quality PVC and isn’t something experienced with All Island Fence products (we prioritize high-quality sourcing). Nonetheless, it’s a con worth considering. Provided your PVC fence color fades, you can’t repaint or restrain it.

Plus, damaged PVC fences require more intensive repairs. Say a small section of your PVC fencing is damaged. You’ll need to either replace the whole section (or the entire fence).

The likelihood of these pitfalls pales in comparison to the durability offered by a PVC fence installation. They may be hard to repair–but the potential to require a repair is minimal.

Aluminum Fence Installation.

Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens residents and businesses have embraced a new trend: replacing wrought iron fences with Aluminum Fences.

Aluminum fences don’t cost as much as wrought iron fences. They also don’t rust like wrought iron fences. 

The aluminum fence coating at All Island is resistant to cracking, peeling, and chipping. These fences are available in numerous heights, colors, and styles. This allows our customers to find the fence that best suits their home or business.

We’ll customize your aluminum fence (whether a driveway gate, walk gate, etc.) to help bring your vision to life. You can add any of the following features to your aluminum fence installation:

  • Crowned rails.
  • Electric gate openers.
  • Accents.
  • And much more!

All Island designs our aluminum fences to meet and comply with the New York State pool code.

Pros of Aluminum Fencing:

Aluminum fencing offers the ideal blend of limited maintenance work and style and sophistication. 

Unlike wood, you won’t need to restain or repaint an aluminum fence. This benefit saves you time–something that can be sparse in today’s hustle-and-bustle landscape. 

Rotting and insects aren’t factors with aluminum fencing. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about rusting if you receive an aluminum fence installation since the material won’t corrode. At most, you’ll need to remove dust and debris from your aluminum fence, which only requires wiping it clean. 

You won’t need to pay for repainting or repairs with an aluminum fence, making it a cost-effective long-term investment. It’s also far more affordable upfront than wrought iron or steel. 

Aluminum fences are timelessly appealing since they’re available in many colors and styles. You could live in a more traditional home, and your aluminum fence will mesh with your aesthetic. At the same time, an aluminum fence fits perfectly into a more modern setting. 

Shaping/manipulating aluminum is seamless due to the metal’s exceptional ductile properties. Decorative features can be customized during your aluminum fence installation.

You’ll choose an eco-friendly option if you hire All Island for an aluminum fence installation. The carbon footprint of aluminum production has been halved over the past three decades.

Aluminum is among the easiest metals to recycle. Since all aluminum components are 100% recyclable, it helps reduce waste.

Cons of Aluminum Fencing.

An aluminum fence may look daunting for trespassers–but it doesn’t offer the level of security you’d receive from steel. 

Therefore, there may be better options than aluminum if burglary or trespassing are significant risks in your area. Fortunately, Nassau and Suffolk are safe places to live. All the same, these factors must be considered, depending on the conditions of your neighborhood. 

Aluminum panels aren’t welded in place like other materials. Instead, they’re screwed together, leaving them susceptible to dismantling. 

We’ll repeat that these security factors are only a problem if you’re in a neighborhood where property crimes are a concern. Also, screws can be installed on the inner side of an aluminum fence to bolster security. 

While aluminum’s lightweight composition is a boon in many ways (especially for reducing labor costs), it can lead to durability issues. To this point, steel and wrought iron are far more durable than aluminum. 

As such, you want to avoid subjecting your aluminum fence to too much high-impact damage. However, aluminum remains rust-resistant–as it’s invulnerable to moisture. So, it still offers substantial durability–just less so than its heavier-duty counterparts. 

Aluminum fencing will typically hang tough during the summer and winter. Your main concern is flying debris during storms. 

Some aluminum (like ours) is higher quality and more durable than standard options.

Note that traditional aluminum fences tend to fall short when it comes to privacy. 

Typically, aluminum fences have gaps between the rails and bars, meaning the view isn’t blocked from either side. Yet, modern advancements in aluminum fence design have bolstered privacy features. For instance, newer designs leave minimal gaps since they’re wider. 

Chain Link Fence Installation:

Chain Link Fence Gallery 5

By investing in a Chain Link Fence installation, you’ll enjoy many of the same benefits as wood picket, PVC, or solid fences. However, a chain link fence costs far less upfront than those options.

Also, the chain link fences at All Island can be galvanized in multiple vinyl-coated wires, such as:

  • Green.
  • White.
  • Brown.
  • Black (the most popular choice).

Vinyl-coated wire chain link fences are galvanized wire with a unique vinyl coating. This coating contributes to robust resilience in the face of challenging weather. 

This galvanization extends beyond the wire to the posts, rails, fittings, and caps, helping stave off corrosion. As a result, the All Island Fence installation company provides customers with chain link fences that endure for years on end. 

Chain link fences don’t require maintenance like repainting, treating, or staining. 

An attractive feature of our chain link fencing is its balance between budget-friendliness and privacy. Chain link fences alone don’t necessarily offer the utmost privacy. However, adding winged slats equates to the privacy levels of a solid fence without the exorbitant pricing. 

Different gauges for the wire are available. They vary from thin to thick, based on your requirements. Wire mesh diameters are also available in multiple sizes. 

Pros of Chain Link Fencing.

Are you on a tight budget but need a fence installation? Then chain link fencing might be the perfect fencing product for you. Expenses are limited with this fence installation option. Maintenance costs are minimal, too.

There’s no need to reapply any stain or paint like with wooden fences, meaning upkeep costs won’t set you back financially. 

Since chain link fence installation and maintenance costs are low, this fencing is ideal for covering large areas at low prices. 

While chain link fences throughout a city may look rusty or rundown, this can be misleading. 

Rusty, rundown chain link fences are a result of negligence and aging. Modern chain link fences have protective coating against corrosion, rust, and the harshest elements. 

Generally, water and dish soap are all that is required to clean a chain link fence. Although you can make cleaning more manageable using a high-powered power washer–it won’t cause any damage! Also, issues such as warping, rotting, and insect damage aren’t a factor with chain link fences. 

Another benefit of chain link fences is their versatility. They’re suitable for a home or business, fitting seamlessly on a soccer field, swimming pool, or front yard. 

Cons of Chain Link Fencing.

Is privacy a priority for your business or home? If so, there might be better fence installation options for you than a chain link fence. 

We equip our chain-link fencing with slats to bolster privacy. Still, these additions aren’t entirely on the level of some of the other options we’ve discussed.

Commercial, manufacturing, and industrial chain link fence installations can reach over five feet high. They can be further fortified with barbed wire to enhance security measures. 

While the above setup might work for certain businesses, comprehensive residential security is not feasible. 

A residential chain link fence installation is typically five feet at most, making it easy to climb for trespassers. So–avoid chain-link fencing if security is a chief concern for your home because other fencing options are superior in this facet. 

Most other options are more eye-pleasing and design-friendly than chain link fences. That said, the vinyl coating we use at All Island adds aesthetic appeal to our chain link fences, nullifying this potential con. 

Nonetheless, any chain link fence without vinyl coating could hurt your curb appeal if you’re trying to sell your home (or business property). By purchasing with us at All Island, you can neutralize this pitfall and ensure you maximize the value of your real estate.

Vinyl Rockwall Fence Installation.

Vinyl Rockwall Gallery 4

All Island uses state-of-the-art products from SimTek for our Vinyl Rockwall Fence installation projects. 

Simtek has changed the fence manufacturing landscape by patenting a design of rotationally-molded fencing. This allows for superior performance and a realistic stone experience.

Vinyl Rockwall fencing is reinforced with galvanized steel and constructed with proprietary Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic (LLDPE). Additionally, it has a superior wind rating, meaning this material hangs tough in the face of hurricane winds up to 130 mph. It can even meet the extensive hurricane requirements in Florida–as it’s certified in Dade County. 

Our Vinyl Rockwall fences block 98% of direct sound because of its 26 sound transmission (STC) rating. They’re also durable and stable in temperature extremes, withstanding conditions between -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Furthermore, this fencing is fade resistant due to its UV12 inhibitors. SimTek tested the Viny Rockwall in an accelerated Xeon-Arc chamber, and the fencing experience minimal to zero fading.

As such, homeowners and business owners who purchase this product can enjoy a lifetime of vibrant colors. 

Several colors are available with this SimTek product. Namely, you can purchase your Vinyl Rockwall fencing in beige, brown, gray, black, white, and desert. 

Vinyl Rockwall fencing is the most user-friendly you’ll find. Installation is straightforward for DIYers.

Pros of Vinyl Rockwall Fencing.

The pros of Vinyl Rockwall fencing can seem endless–it’s hard to know where to start. 

For one, this is a state-of-the-art product developed with durability and lasting power in mind.

Maintenance will be non-existent with this fencing. It won’t require any staining or painting. Nor will this fencing fade, crack, or warp. 

What’s more? SimTek has implemented graffiti-resistant technology. So, if your property is vandalized, a pressure washer will quickly remove the spray paint. 

Privacy and security are significantly bolstered by our Vinyl Rockwall fencing. Your family can go about their business with 100% peace of mind knowing that all prying eyes will be blocked out. 

Since Rockwall Vinyl fencing lasts for so long, it’s highly cost-efficient. On top of not needing to pay for repairs or treatments, you won’t need to worry about replacements. 

Lastly, we’ll note that SlimTek’s green-friendly methods put the environment first. The fence system consists of recycled/recyclable polyethylene plastic. 

Cons of Vinyl Rockwall Fencing.

You’ll likely pay more upfront for a Vinyl Rockwall fencing installation than you would for a few other options. This increased initial price is due to the long-lasting nature of the product, which saves you money in the big picture.

On the off-chance your Vinyl Rockwall fencing needs repairs, you may face challenges. 

More specifically, minimal damage could call for maximum repairs. Again, though, we’ll reiterate that the need for repairs is unlikely with this product.

While customization options are versatile with Vinyl Rockwall, you won’t have the freedom that’s available with authentic wood.

Why Choose All Island Fence Installation Company?

Fencing installation and design expertise are reasons to choose All Island Fence & Railing.

However, the main reasons you should choose us are more profound than us being great at our jobs. 

We are an integral part of the fabric of the Suffolk/Nassau County and Queens communities. This is a result of serving the area for 35 years. Our team deeply understands the wants, needs, and desires of local homeowners and business owners. 

This well-rounded knowledge of the local landscape allows us to provide crucial insights while you purchase your fence. We combine your budget, preferences, and surrounding environment when helping you decide on the most suitable investment.

Our customers benefit from our expertise, whether they’re a do-it-yourselfer or need us to perform their entire fence installation.

All Island has a longstanding reputation for selling top-tier products and providing high-level fence installations. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our gallery to see for yourself!

Do you want to learn more about our fencing products? Contact one of our representatives today with any questions or queries. 

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